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Genuine Kia (00144-ADU00) Wheel Lock

41BHXVjvkXL Genuine Kia (00144-ADU00) Wheel Lock41BHXVjvkXL Genuine Kia (00144-ADU00) Wheel Lock
Price: $43.55 - $39.40

41BHXVjvkXL Genuine Kia (00144-ADU00) Wheel Lock
These Wheel Locks were engineered to protect your vehicle. These inexpensive Kia Wheel Locks are a preventative from thieves stealing the wheels right off of your vehicle. Each set is sold with their own special patterned key lug-nut adaptor that is attached to any lug wrench. Your order of the Kia Wheel Locks will come with a full set that will lock every wheel. The Kia Wheel Locks are specially configured, chrome-plated, have a triple nickel finish and will secure your wheels to the vehicle.Ensure maximum protection
Protects against wheel and tire theft without affecting wheel balance
2014-2015 Soul
Genuine Kia Accessories 00144-ADU00 Wheel Locks

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